Mold Inspections

mold growth on joist and insulation backwards in crawlspace

Eric Babcock is a VA state certified home inspector,  and also was a VA state licensed mold inspector  when Virginia licensed mold inspectors.  He personally performs unbiased, objective and confidential mold inspections in central Virginia and surrounding areas.  Home Inspex does not perform the mold remediation or sell products, as this would present a potential conflict of interest to our clients.  Our goal is to help our clients identify, locate and oversee mold problems that reside in buildings, while doing so  in the most cost effective manner.

When should you get a mold inspection:

  • You see mold inside your house (or in the attic or crawlspace) and you’re not sure what to do.
  • You’re not sure where the moisture came from that allowed the mold to grow.
  • You smell musty or earthy odors inside.
  • You suspect mold but not sure where it may be, including hidden areas.
  • Unexplained symptoms such as headaches and allergies. Particularly if the symptoms increase when you’re in the affected area, and symptoms diminish when removed from the area.
  • Occupants experience a long-term medical condition without a known cause.
  • The building has recent or previous water intrusion or water damage.
  • Your doctor recommends having your house checked for mold.

Beware of free or cheap mold inspections, as these are usually an opportunity for a sales pitch.   While there are many ethical businesses out there, some remediation companies have been known to use scare tactics and “hype-up” a mold situation, in hopes of pressuring a customer for their business.  Ideally the mold inspector and mold remediation contractor should be separate businesses, to avoid the potential for a conflict of interest to their customers.

What’s involved in a mold inspection?  We tailor the inspection to address our clients needs and budget.  We provide thorough visual inspections, air sampling, and use of a moisture meter and thermal imaging camera.  A mold problem is also a moisture problem, so identify and addressing the source of the moisture is important.  If the source of moisture is not addressed the mold will likely return after it’s been removed.

We perform mold inspections in central Virginia and surrounding areas by appointment for property and business owners.

Air sampling has proved to be a very valuable tool in mold inspections.  This type of mold investigation is non destructive and can often detect even hidden mold problems.  Air sampling is recommended when there’s little or no signs of visible mold.

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