Air Quality Sampling & Analysis

Air sampling for mold is quick, non destructive and provides a quantitative and objective air quality assessment, which can be very useful when conducting an indoor air quality investigation for mold.

Air quality analysis sampling involves using air cassettes that collect airborne particles that are impacted on a slide within the cassette.  Our calibrated air sampling equipment will pull a specific volume of air, typically 75 liters (15 liters/minute X 5 minutes).  Then the samples are delivered to the lab for analysis.  The non viable mold spores on the slides are categorized and counted, and this data is entered on the lab report.   The lab sends us the report which we review and forward to our Client.  Our standard report delivery turn around time is within 48 hours after the samples are collected.

See a Sample Mold Report

Mold sampling

Outdoor control air sample


Air sampling is helpful when it’s unknown if there’s a mold problem, or if an objective assessment of air quality with respect to mold is desired.  Typically if there’s an obvious mold problem that’s known than sampling is not needed.

An air quality analysis involves taking several air samples; at least one is a Control sample (collected outdoors weather permitting) with additional samples collected indoors.  Indoor samples can be taken in areas of concern, such as areas where mold is smelled or suspected, or areas with water intrusion or water damage.

Mold sampling

Mold inspection indoor air sample



  • A  mold situation is suspected but isn’t known.
  • A moldy or musty odor is observed inside the house or building.
  • A desire to have the air quality quantitatively assessed for mold.
  • A written report from a lab is desired detailing the amount of mold detected from the collected samples.
  • Occupants complain of heightened allergic responses when exposed to an indoor environment.
  • Some clients have had their air quality tested because they were concerned about their cats or pets exposure to mold.
  • To help prove or disprove a mold exposure related allegation.
  • Documentation for legal matters.

Please note that we cannot diagnose any medical conditions, including mold allergies and related afflictions.  If somebody isn’t feeling well they should see their doctor for a proper medical evaluation.

As part of our service we will interpret the lab report and provide our professional opinion.  Often the lab report will indicate either good or bad results.  However when the indoor spore counts are slightly higher than the outdoor control sample(s), the results are less conclusive.  We will work with you to understand the report, and your concerns about mold.  Air sampling is a very useful tool when conducting a mold investigation.

We also collect surface samples if a client wants to know if an area or substance contains mold, such as in an attic, crawlspace or other area.  The lab report we furnish will state if the sample contains mold and its amount.  This can be helpful in determining if something is moldy, or not.  Sometimes surface samples are collecting before mold remediation begins for the purpose of verifying that professional mold remediation is warranted.

If you’re concerned about mold and would like an unbiased and objective assessment please contact us.  We would like the opportunity to help determine if there’s a problem that should be addressed.

Mold in Crawlspace

Moldy joist in crawlspace

Mold sampling

Collecting a surface sample for mold in an attic